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Game Changing Projects in Miami – Bickell City Centre

The Miami New Construction Show had a very strong lineup of prominent South Florida developers and other leading real estate professionals who appeared as panelists and shared their upcoming projects with us. Among those panelists was Gonzalo Cortabarria a brilliant developer with marvelous plans to come.

Gonzalo Cortabarria is the Senior Vice President of Swire Properties (Brickell City Centre) in Miami. And well of course his area of focus is non other than Brickell. Mr Cortabarria is currently working on a $2.3 million development called the Brickell City Centre. A massive undertaking; a project that started nearly two years ago which should be completed by the end of 2015.

Brickell City Centre will stretch across 9.1 acres in the financial district and will include two condominium towers, two office buildings, a hotel and roughly 520,000 square feet of restaurants and retail space. The shops will also feature a $30 million “Climate Ribbon” designed to keep customers cool.

I realize that this is quite a lot of information  and an awful lot of huge numbers so i will try to break it down a bit. As i stated before this is a $2.3 billion project with 5 million sq ft of construction with 2 levels of underground parking (which is is HUGE thing because of the level of water being so low in Miami it is very expensive to get done), it took them a whole year to get out of the ground. The first tower is said to be about 82 stories tall and the 2nd tower is estimated to start in 2017 and to be built by 2020.

The project is an environmental conscious design, pedestrian friendly, metro station mover and a piece of art. It is said that one will be able to come from the airport directly to the city without having to touch the ground or drive.


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