Araceli PA Team


araceli-team-pic“Empower. Serve. Coach. Wealth Creators” 

Our Mission

“Become a Leading Team in a Global Real Estate Scale, Empowering our clients with our wealth of knowledge and outside-of-the-box approach which comes from been art of different real estate markets and cycles from 3 major cities such as San Francisco, Chicago and Miami since 1993. This active exposure as home owners, investors, realtors, mortgage lender and all aspects of the real estate process gives us a unique edge that allows us to utilize our 30+ years of combined experience to better serve our elite clientele. 

We pride ourselves of Serving our clients with nothing but a first class service whether they are buying, selling, leasing and/or financing their first or second home as well as if they are first time or savvy seasoned investors in both residential and commercial properties. There is no better service than ours in town when it comes to availability, prompt contact, answers to our client’s questions and deliver what we promise we can do. 

We Coach our clients in all areas of the process if needed. When financing, we start from credit building, loan financing and investment analysis. We work together with our clients so they can be an active part of the solutions to achieve their goals. This road map is tailored and personalized to their unique needs.

We assist our clients to create Wealth with our “ISCDRP” (Interest-Savings Credit-Debt Repayment-Plan). Our clients learn the difference on how interest is repay (simple, compound and amortized interest), how their income can become cash-flow and how to wash off the interest-off their debts without changing their current lifestyle while they pay-off all debts in a fraction of their original time. 

This completes our signature 1-stop, first class, A thru Z service process.

Our Vision

  • Empower clients from around the world with our first-hand information as well as our knowledge in the past and current South Florida Real Estate Market. This truly empowers our clients to define what is the best course of action to take in their real estate  Location, city’s growth, subdivision re-zoning and planning, client’s potential profit on their investment; short or long-term return are just a few of the benefits tailored to our client specific needs and wants.
  • Serving our clients is our #1 priority. We make ourselves available 24/7. We chose a lifestyle with a mission, a calling to serve our clients which doesn’t have a time restriction, this is not our job, is our lifestyle.
  • Coach our clients all aspects of real estate investment. From understanding how to build and keep excellent credit grading to access the best rates and programs available, to analyze their personal lifestyle needs and wants. Review their financial and purchasing power, to analyze the real estate market they chose to really help them set and attain their real estate investment goals. All this is unique and tailored  to each client’s individual needs.
  • We have a Wealth Creator system that uses all credit debts (including mortgage, credit cards, auto and installment loans) and we teach clients who qualify for this plan how to save years of the loan debt terms and interest therefore creating wealth out of their debts.