The Wealth Report 2016 by Douglas Elliman & Knight Frank

We had an amazing time and met the owner of Douglas Elliman; Howard M. Lorber, CEO; Dottie Herman, Liam Bailey; Knight Frank Global Head of Research whose birthday was today as well and came all the way from London to spend it with us.

This was a great conference to keep up with what is happening with the UHNWI’s (ultra- high-net-worth individual) – who are they? someone with a net worth of over USv$30m excluding their primary residence. This report showed us how they affect the world’s economy with the way they invest and where they invest.

More details coming here soon, come back to get all the info I learned at this great conference at 1 Hotel South Beach.

Araceli Client’s Zillow Reviews…

I would like to thank my clients who have review my services in Zillow. This helps other potential clients to know what to expect with my services.

Thank you for your kind words, it was a pleasure being part of the biggest investment of your families!

Potential Clients… please call me and I’ll be happy to assist you in both the Mortgage Process and/or Real Estate Process 305-206-5144

Happy 2016! Asking you for Referrals…

I would like to ask you for referrals to assist them as a financial and credit analyst to then help them in either both; the real estate and mortgage loan process to buy their home or just the mortgage if you are a realtor.

I have the ability, expertise, commitment and care for my clients to help them structure their credit report and finances to find the best possible program for the home purchase.

As a real estate professional I have the knowledge to advise the best type of property and neighborhood according to the client’s lifestyle, priorities and ownership motivations. I would like to be able to do that for your friends, family, clients and colleagues as your referrals is the best compliment you can give me.

I am looking forward to working with your circle of friends, family, clients and colleagues, rest assure they will be my priority and I would strive for the best service for them because of your trust to referring me. Here a summary of my services:


* Credit Analyst & Credit Builder
* Mortgage Banker
* Search and structure deals to purchase residential & commercial properties
* Secure financing for current & new business
* Generate wealth for individuals by developing a constructive financial plan
Araceli Villanueva’s extensive experience with clients with no credit, limited credit, bad credit, good and great credit, has help her to develop and prove her credit analysis system which is personalized to the client’s own personal credit history. Credit is the first step to build a credit and financial plan to qualify for a mortgage loan and thus know their maximum potential purchasing power to find their biggest personal investment in their lives as well as their home.

Araceli Villanueva is a “Miami Lifestyle Specialist”. With over 19 years of experience as an investor, owner and a licensed realtor since 2001, Araceli’s wealth of experience and negotiation skills makes her a top performer in her field.

Additionally she has over 19 years of experience in mortgage finance from being a loan officer, processor, underwriter and lender rep she understands what lenders require when her clients need to do financing making her a “power house” professional.

Araceli is often referred by her clients as a “dream maker” as her skills to structure the deal that fits their finances and preferences along with her expert coaching, creative approach and resources, is what sets her apart from the rest in the industry, building an impressive reputation that consistently exceeds everyone’s expectations.

Araceli’s lives by this statement: “My clients are a very important part of my life, their needs are my needs”. They know this when they first meet her, they know she will work hard until she meets their needs. This personalize approach is what creates the lasting relationships with her clients that includes getting invited to family gatherings and clients referrals, this is the way she gets her reputation passed on to others.

Araceli’s professional success without a doubt is her commitment to maintain her work ethics to the highest level of excellence. She builds lasting relationships with buyers, sellers an everyone involved in the transaction by showing her trustworthiness, commitment and dedication from the pre-qualification, to the closing process; making her a “full service professional”.

Araceli has an extraordinary talented team that helps her to excel any clients expectations as she always goes the extra mile to achieve superb service. She is always available to answer any of her client’s questions.

She has been and is a highly recognized and a highly compensated Area Manager with a leading Mortgage Lender in the country where she consistently maintained a Top Producers Membership at the Platinum Producers Circle from 2002 to 2007 for personally generating over $500M in closing sales positioning her in the top 30 reps in the country from 2002 to to 2007. She is also in the Cambridge Who’s Who recognition since 2007 (Empowering Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs around the Globe.

Specialized in Miami-Dade County from the neighborhoods east of the I-95 from Aventura, Miami Beach, Design District to Brickell.

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Eco Friendly Construction: Steel Framing

Steel Framing is a practical solution to many of the limitations that builders face today when using the traditional materials. Steel framing is the technique that made the skyscraper possible. Steel frame its a building technique with skeleton frame of vertical steel columns and horizontal I-beams, constructed to suppose the floors, roof and walls of a building which are attached to the frame.

A few BENEFITS to consider building with steel framing:

  • Eco friendly. No wood used to build therefore no killing of trees
  • Lower construction costs:
    • Steel does not shrink, split, or warp.
    • As a result, there are no nail pops or drywall cracks to fix after the structure is completed
  • Easier to Handle: it weighs less than wood
  • It saves about 30% less in cost compare to the current construction prices
  • It takes 30% less time to build than current construction
  • No termites ever
  • Energy efficient construction; keeps it cool in summer and keep warm temperature in winter
  • Steel is recyclable indefinitely without loosing strength
  • Isolates sound from the outside (acoustic sound

The following is what you will see in the video below here the summary of steps to build with steel framing.

Steps to Build with Steel Framing:

  • Roof installation (crosses frames made of steel) – It takes one day to put the entire roof
  • Walls panelized erecting all walls in sequence based on the plans from the architects drawings to shop drawings (to convert them to build steel frames) – It takes only 4 hours to put up 800 sq ft
  • Pour the concrete
  • Metal barrier (wire mash)
  • Plastic on top
  • Under sewer installation (pipes)
  • Solid Base Cred
  • Soil Preparation
  • Choose the type of roof
  • Insulation in the whole structure
  • Electrical, plumbing. HBAC pipes installation inside the steel frame
  • Windows, doors
  • Finishes

What makes steel framing better than wood framing?

  • No termites can harm the construction
  • No rotten
  • Hurricane sustains over 100 mph winds (woods is less than half)
  • Recyclable material

What makes steel better than Block building?

  • Steel is about 30% less expensive
  • Steel is about 30% less time to build
  • Block cannot be insulated at all
  • Block can cause lots of human casualties if destroyed in a hurricane
  • Block is very slow to build and you have to let it dry before putting other layers of work

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